All financial professionals must be affiliated with a broker-dealer and/or a registered investment advisor (RIA) to process business and receive compensation for their services. Our advisors have chosen Cambridge as their preferred broker-deal and RIA to distribute investment advice.

With Cambridge, we can choose to work with you in a commissions-based relationship where we receive commissions on each product purchased or sold, or in a fee-based relationship where we can receive a flat fee for our financial planning services or charge an asset management fee based on your total assets with us. Because fees are not dependent on products sold, a fee-based relationship often leads to higher levels of trust and transparency between the client and advisor.

As an independent firm, Cambridge believes culture counts, values matter most, and independence is the bedrock of our mutual success. With a wide variety of investment options and zero corporate interests, we can provide unbiased advice that solely benefits our clients.

Cambridge and its associates live by four core values driving a culture of service excellence:

Integrity – Honesty, fairness, and ethics are the foundation of Cambridge’s culture

Commitment – Making a difference to the community through quality, excellence, and service

Flexibility – Offering solutions based on being open-minded, resourceful, and committed to mutual win-win

Kindness – In all things, consideration and compassion with a human touch guide Cambridge’s decisions

It is very important to us that we do business with a firm that shares our values. Just as we were able to choose a firm with a certain set of values, you have the opportunity to choose a financial advisor that exhibits the qualities you admire most.

To learn more about Cambridge’s culture and values, Learn more.

Reproduced with permission by Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. for specific use by Forth Financial Group through December 31, 2017.

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